LeVitus Law Office

Areas of Practice

Lawsuits and disputes involving Wills, Trusts and Estates

From initial negotiation to trial and even to appeal, I handle all aspects of lawsuits and disputes involving:
          Validity of a Will or Trust;
          Undue influence;
          Lack of testamentary or mental capacity (e.g. dementia, sound mind)
          Tortious interference;
          Fraud of any kind;
          Breach of fiduciary duty;
          Invalid or improper gifts;
          Joint tenancy or joint ownership;
          The true intent of the decedent;
          Improper conduct by a trustee or an estate representative;
          Heirship or paternity;
          Inheritance or assets held by the government, treasuries, or financial institutions;
          Claims against or amounts owed from estates, trusts, or decedents;
          Citations to recover assets;
          Accountings of the assets and expenses of a trust or estate; and
          Other matters involving money, property, or assets, including inheritance and                       unknown heirs. 

In the above matters, I can represent any party, including the party challenging (usually called plaintiff or petitioner), the party defending (usually called defendant or respondent), an heir, or any person claiming an interest or right.

Personal injury
     From initial negotiation to trial and even to appeal, handle cases in the following areas:

         Motor vehicle accidents;
         All transportation accidents;
         Medical malpractice and professional negligence;
         Dangerous and defective products and pharmaceuticals;
         Exposure to hazardous materials;
         Dangerous and unsafe places and premises; and
         Other categories of negligence, liability, personal injury and wrongful death.
     In these matters, I represent only plaintiffs (i.e. the parties who were harmed or injured).