LeVitus Law Office

Attorney Profile

Born:                 April 14, 1963, Chicago, IL    
High school:     Loyola Academy, Wilmette, IL
College:            University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, B.A. in Philosophy, 1985
Law School:     Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL, J.D., 1993
(Order of the                               Coif)
Pre-Law Work: Traded commodities in the Standard & Poor 500 pit at the Chicago                               Mercantile Exchange
                          Managed a store and considered a franchise with a major pizza chain
Admissions:     IL (active) and WI, MI, CO and NM (inactive)
Affiliations:      Numerous bar associations
                          American Inns of Court (Chicago-Lincoln Inn)
                          Sigma Chi Fraternity
                          Catholic Lawyers Guild
                          Secular Franciscan Order
                          Immaculate Conception Parish, Highland Park, IL